Growing Up Clumsily


That’s what I think I’m doing.  Growing up clumsily.  Why not document it so that later on in life I can laugh at myself? My interests now might not be my interests a year from now.  This is my journal, so to speak, but it is one I want people to benefit from. 

I will write about something interesting I learned in class, saw on the news, or something I was an eyewitness to.  I will tell you about the flora and fauna of northern Florida and of the states around it.  I will tell about what I see wrong in the public school system here in the United States and I will tell you what I see right.  I will describe to you what it is like to be American and why sometimes I am not so proud to be one.  I will ask you to tell me about your country and what it is like there. I will tell you stories, share random facts, tidbits of history, lessons on biology, words of wisdom, and more.

I want this blog to not just be about me.  I want my words to inspire others to share what their life is like and to make this blog into a melting pot of cultures, ideas, lifestyles, and voices.