Grandma’s Cookies

Most everyone will swear that their grandma’s cookies are the best.  What is it about grandma’s cookies that make them so wonderful?  Maybe it is because they were made just for us.  I believe it is because they remind us of when we were little and life was simple.

Sitting on the sofa, or wherever for that matter, and eating warm cookies fresh out of grandma’s oven simplifies everything.  We forget about an essay worth twenty-five percent of our grade.  We forget about bills that need to be paid, places we need to be, and all of the responsibilities we have.

We don’t even need to be at grandma’s for her cookies to work their sweet magic.  I was once at a camp and having a thoroughly miserable time, until my grandma sent cookies and I was transported back the chair at the counter in her kitchen. I forgot all about the fact I had poison ivy, hadn’t taken a hot water bath in over a week, and had horrible roommates (who got none of my edible gold).

So, the next time you are munching on grandma’s secret recipe, think about what the labor of love means and don’t forget to give her a hug!!


8 thoughts on “Grandma’s Cookies

  1. Oh man, grandma’s cookies are the best! I just can’t help myself to them every single time. I always have one too many. But they are definitely worth it! I just wish my grandma was still around so that I could spend some more time with her…

  2. I never knew my grandparents on either side, and your reflection made me realize what I missed…BUT not in a bad way! You shared a little of the comfort of your grandmother so I don’t feel so bereft of what it might’ve been like…

    This is a soft and sensitive piece. Very nice!


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